What to Post on Social Media?

What to Post on Social Media
What to Post on Social Media? How to come up with daily post ideas? What is a Social Media Content Calendar?

By the end of the article ‘What to Post on Social Media?’ you will have a clear idea of the various topics you could post on Social Media.

Also included is a download to a free social media cheat sheet. I have also created a completely done for you Social Media Content Calendar for 2021.

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Download Free Cheat Sheet: 100 Post Ideas

Let’s face it.

Deciding what to post on social media on a daily basis can be a daunting and time-consuming task.

It’s one thing coming up with the content, the images, the videos, the shoutouts, etc., and it’s another thing ensuring your audience engages with it.

As simple as it may seem, but it can become very difficult and overwhelming for a lot of us. At least for me, it does.

Honestly, coming up with blog content on a daily basis for 90 Days (part of the Bloggers Bloom Facebook Group #90DayChallenge), itself was daunting in the beginning.

But then, comes the content calendar. And once that was in place, all I had to do was follow along.

Now, I have my content planned well in advance, in some cases also have my blog articles scheduled well in advance. If you do notice, it gets published at a certain time too. 😉

Much on similar lines, you can plan out your social media calendar too.

I did create one and shared it in one of my earlier articles on ‘How to Create a Content Calendar’.

But guess what, it all changed when I came across the Social Media Content Calendar created by Angie Gensler. It was a total no-brainer and I went ahead and purchased it.

Here’s a screenshot of what I purchased,

Angie Gensler has created an ultimate list of what to post on social media in her article on ‘What to Post on Social Media (100 Ideas)’.

This list is complete with 100 content ideas of what to post on social media and each idea includes examples to get your creative juices flowing.

Angie Gensler has even created a free cheat sheet you can download and keep next to your computer.

No more excuses – you will always have a fresh idea right at your fingertips.

Download Free Cheat Sheet: 100 Post Ideas

What to Post on Social Media?

These content ideas will work well on all the social media channels, Be it Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. And yes, the 100 social media post ideas will work for any type of business.

Whether you’re a Realtor (like me – TariqSP) posting on LinkedIn or you’re a wedding planner posting on Instagram (check out WedCrafter – a service I highly recommend), this list of ideas will work for your business.

Obviously, you’ll need to customize the content to fit your brand identity and your ideal audience, but nearly all of the ideas on the list can be adapted for your unique business.

Now, if you are looking for 365+ days of Social Media Posts and tackle social media and save hours of time and stress with the 12-Month Social Media Content Calendar, here’s a great option for you.

What You Get Inside the Calendar

It’s over 365 days of content ideas planned out for you…beginning the day you purchase!

You’ll receive over 12 months of social media post ideas planned out for you beginning the day of your purchase – giving you the MOST value possible!

For example, if you purchase the calendar in July (like I did), you’ll receive July 2020 through July 2021.

Over 365 days of social media post ideas planned out for you! Including:

  • Daily post ideas in a proven-to-work system for social media marketing
  • 87 unique and easy-to-create post ideas
  • 52 questions to increase engagement
  • 52 inspiring quotes to increase likes

4 versions of the calendar that can be edited and customized to fit your exact needs:

  • Editable Google Sheet
  • Editable Microsoft Excel
  • Editable Google Calendar
  • Printable PDF

Better results from your social media marketing efforts! Customers have reported:

  • Increased engagement on their social media posts – more comments and likes
  • Faster growth of followers
  • Increased website traffic
  • Significant reduction in stress
  • Massive amounts of time saved

Less stress and more time to focus on your business. In fact, here are the exact words from their customers…

  • “One of the best purchases I’ve made”
  • “Took a major weight off my plate”
  • “Makes it super easy to make valuable content”
  • “Saved me at least 40 hours of work”
  • “Frees up so much of my time”
  • “Really streamlined the process for me”
  • “Easy and simple”
  • “Game-changer”

If you have ever struggled (and I’m guessing you have) with what to post on social media and desperate for a fresh idea of what to post on social media, this Social Media Content Calendar is definitely a must-have!

If you are looking at building your presence online, you have to post content regularly. And more importantly, consistently. 

And your Social Media Content Calendar can really help you a long way. It helps you answer the daunting question – What to Post on Social Media?

92 / 100

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