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Start Here, Tariq, Digital Marketing Consultant

I'm Tariq

I’m a digital marketing consultant, internet entrepreneur, blogger, and the founder of Bloggers Bloom.

If you are here to build and scale an online business, you are in the right place. It’s great to meet you!

I built this website to, in turn, help you develop and scale your online business. Most of this website’s resources, guides, and tutorials are free.

I aim to help you succeed and build an online business that you’ll be proud of.

Check out my About page for more on my life journey. 

Connect with me on Instagram at @bloggersbloom.

How to get started?

I aim to help you build a successful online business. And a step towards that is this blog – Bloggers Bloom. I’ve tried to cover everything and more in this blog.

There’s a lot packed in from free resources, guides, tutorials, blogs, online courses, eBooks, cheatsheets, planners, WordPress themes, WordPress plugins, digital products, and more.

I’ve also listed my digital marketing services, from building your website to helping you gain traffic from search engines using SEO, social media management, content writing, and more.

Indeed, there’s a lot packed into this blog!

While it can get overwhelming, I’ve made it easy for you.

Select an option based on your requirement, and let’s get started.

Digital Marketing Consultant

How I can help you


Do you want to start a blog or even create a website using WordPress on your own? My step-by-step how-to guides (articles) will help you with precisely that.


Looking for a digital marketing expert to help scale your online business? Want content written for your website or blogs? Check out the various services that I can assist you with.


I’ve created courses in blogging, WordPress, affiliate marketing, SEO, and more. The best bit is that most of these courses are free. Register, learn, and take action.


Download ebooks on various topics related to digital marketing, blogging, affiliate marketing, online business, and more. Also, help yourself to some cheat sheets and printables.


Wouldn’t it be great to know the best products in the market before purchasing one? Check out my detailed reviews from the best hosting options to SAAS platforms.


Can you start an online business for free? You sure can! Can you scale a business without investing? I’m guessing not. Invest in the right products to scale your business.


Currently, there are ​​59,500+ free WordPress plugins and a lot more premium ones. Which one should you install? I’ve listed the best WordPress plugins to help you decide.


Your website’s look and feel are defined by the theme you select. Additionally, your website’s performance is also dependent on the theme. Select the right one!


I’m guessing we all love a great deal. At least I do! It could be a buy-one-get-one offer or a discounted sale. Deals are a great way to get the best value out of your buck.

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