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A 100-day course on Digital Marketing. Learn Digital Marketing from a Certified Digital Marketing Consultant. Be industry-ready.
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Learn Digital Marketing - Bloggers Bloom
Based on an article in SearchEngine Journal (dated 10th October 2020, as shown in the image below), LinkedIn has listed Digital Marketing as the top In-Demand job in 2020.
Become a certified Digital Marketing professional. Enroll in my Mastery and Certification Course and learn Digital Marketing.
Tariq Digital Marketing Consultant
Tariq SP
Trainer - Digital Marketing Consultant

Ready to begin? Enroll and Learn Digital Marketing

Are you still considering to learn digital marketing?

I guess it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that most businesses are online. And there is a bigger number of businesses looking to go online, considering the turn of events in 2020.

The way to move forward is by taking your business online. And that has created numerous opportunities for us, Digital Marketers.

Be it as a full-time job opportunity, or a freelancer, or a consultant, you can assist businesses to not only create a successful online presence but also manage it, generate leads, and sales too.

Can you learn Digital Marketing on your own for free?

Most definitely you can!

But can you learn Digital Marketing the right way, and cover all the topics and elements without a mentor? Hmmm… I’m not sure!

And the reason I say this is, I was just like you.

For 5 years, I convinced myself that I can learn Digital Marketing on my own. I don’t need a mentor. I do not need a professional course.

And while I did learn 50% of the course on my own, it is only until I personally joined a professional course and became a certified Digital Marketing professional, did I gain the in-depth knowledge and realize the true potential that Digital Marketing has to offer.

No doubt. The competition is stiff. A number of Digital Marketers are out in the market. And it depends on how well you carve a niche for yourself, that you can stand out.

A number of firms are hiring Digital Marketers. Be it as an intern starting out at about INR 10,000 per month to a mid-level (3 to 5 years experience) Digital Marketer earning INR 50,000 per month, opportunities are aplenty.

With this course, not only will you learn Digital Marketing, but also gain the confidence to work (operate) as a Website Developer, a Content Writer, an SEO expert, a Google and Facebook Ads expert (PPC expert).

If you would like to start on your own, in addition to the above-mentioned profiles, you can also operate as a blogger, an affiliate marketer, or even an eCommerce expert.

Go ahead, enroll in this course, and learn Digital Marketing. And trust me, you will see an ocean of opportunities opening up for you.

Wish you the very best and hope to catch you on the other side, as a student!


PS: To learn more about me, my ratings on Udemy as an instructor, and for my courses, visit my about page.

Learn Digital Marketing. The Course Contents

As mentioned in the video above, the course contains

  • 7 Modules, 100+ Chapters, 150+ Videos
  • Start with the basics of Digital Marketing
  • Proceed to the advanced Mastery Modules
  • Courses will be delivered daily via email over 100 days.
  • Assignments & Action Steps
  • Assessment exam at the end of each module
  • Certificate issued on completion of assignments & exam
  • Goal: Be Job Ready (Freelancer, Full Time Job, Consultant)

The 7 Modules

  • Module 1: Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • Module 2: Introduction to Social Media
  • Module 3: Mastery in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Module 4: Mastery in Facebook & Instagram Ads
  • Module 5: Mastery in Google Ads
  • Module 6: Remarketing
  • Module 7: Online Earning

16 + Courses in One Course!

  1. Digital Marketing
  2. Website Development
  3. Graphic Designing
  4. SEO
  5. Email Marketing
  6. Content Writing
  7. Facebook Marketing
  8. Instagram Marketing
  9. SMM
  10. Google Ads
  11. Google Analytics
  12. Google Search Console
  13. Remarketing
  14. Blogging
  15. Affiliate Marketing
  16. and much much more…

In addition,

  • Lifetime access to the courses
  • My one-on-one consulting & mentorship
  • Private group on WhatsApp / Telegram
  • Assistance in job placement

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Learn Digital Marketing - Bloggers Bloom
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