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With Bloggers Bloom, I intend to create content that can, in turn, help you create a great online presence and an online business.

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Tariq Digital Marketing Consultant
Tariq SP

Hi, I am Tariq and I am a certified Digital Marketing Consultant in Bangalore. I’ve got 16+ years of experience in Sales & Marketing.

Was I always keen on becoming a Digital Marketing Consultant?

Well, honestly, I’m really not sure. I guess the perks of being in the IT Capital of India, i.e., Bangalore (if you didn’t know), every second person you bump into is a techie. Well, almost!

And I guess that rubs on to you! 😉

Having said that, I did complete my Mechanical Engineering (yes, nothing related to Digital Marketing) from BMS College of Engineering back in 1999. Come to think of it, I’m still not sure why I did my Mech. Engineering. And I still can’t figure out how I cleared all my papers! Man!!!

Oh yes! I almost forgot. I did complete my GNIIT too from NIIT. Hmm… if I recall, it was on ‘Diploma in Computer Engineering’. And that is precisely how I landed my first job as a web developer, back in 2000.

And I suppose, this is where the interest in the online space all started.

While I wouldn’t have called myself as a Digital Marketing Consultant at that point in time, I did start developing websites, email marketing, SEO, and Content writing for a number of clients, both in Bangalore and Internationally, since mid-2004.

In 2004, I did foray into Real Estate too. Yup! A completely different sector altogether from Digital Marketing. And while I preach to focus on only one niche, I seem to have real estate in my blood too! 😉

Yes, I did have my highs and lows (big low in fact) with this sector. And while I am updating this content (October 2020), I am revamping my real estate business to something really exciting.

Watch out for more on my website – Tariq SP: Real Estate Agent in Bangalore.

Journey as a Digital Marketing Consultant in Bangalore

While I have been consulting for clients since 2004, I actively started operating as a Digital Marketing Consultant in Bangalore in 2012. I decided to take this more seriously and even completed my Certification in Digital Marketing from DigiPerform

More than the certification, I guess this course gave me the confidence of operating as a Digital Marketing Consultant. And above all, it helped me meet my mentor – Mohit Rathi. (Follow Mohit Rathi on Instagram)

If there’s a push I ever needed to create my online courses, well, Mohit is the one. And someday, I will try to match up to his level of expertise!

Mind you, I said ‘try’. 😉

He’s truly awesome with his courses. You could find all his courses at Mohit Rathi Academy.

Moving on… 

I published my first eBook on “How To Build An Online eCommerce Business & Make Money

Topics Covered in this eBook

Chapter 1: Facts & Figures
Chapter 2: Why Online Business
Chapter 3: Secrets To Building A Millionaire Mindset
Chapter 4: Lifestyle Business Model
Chapter 5: Helping you choose your Niche
Chapter 6: Brand Building
Chapter 7: Build your Website & Blog
Chapter 8: Building a website on WordPress
Chapter 9: Logo & Theme
Chapter 10: Setting up your email account
Chapter 11: Your business lifeline – Email List
Chapter 12: Content Writing
Chapter 13: Digital Marketing
Chapter 14: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Chapter 15: Facebook Marketing
Chapter 16: Youtube Marketing
Chapter 17: A Recap
Chapter 18: What is MSI?
Chapter 19: eBook Publishing
Chapter 20: Blogging
Chapter 21: Affiliate Marketing
Chapter 22: Information Product
Chapter 23: Coaching & Consulting
Conclusion (Special Offer on 121 Coaching)
Case Study: Building A Shopify Store Using Amazon Affiliate Program

I’ve also created online courses related to Digital Marketing, i.e., courses on

Visit the Learn page to check out the various courses

Some of my courses are featured on the Udemy platform too. And you can see for yourself, the ratings and the number of students enrolled to date.

Some of my courses featured on Udemy

My Instructor Review on Udemy (as of Oct 2020)

I suppose, with all this said, I know my subject! 😉

Yes, learning never ends and I try to constantly update myself. And while I update myself, I share useful tips with my audience. I help individuals, organizations, consultants, build their online business seamlessly.

I’ve created Bloggers Bloom with the sole intention of creating content that helps you in turn. Content can be anything from blogs, ebooks, videos, podcasts, tutorials, how-to articles, etc.

My goal is to help you cut off the clutter and get complete value.

You may join the ‘Bloggers Bloom’ Facebook group. I will have regular tips, articles, etc., posted in the group too. Also, if you do have any queries, please feel free to post in the group.

I’m here to help you!

If you would like to engage me as your Digital Marketing Consultant, do feel free to contact me at tariq@bloggersbloom.com or use the form on the Consulting page.

Thank you & I do hope to hear from you,

Ciao! Your Digital Marketing Consultant in Bangalore.

Tariq Digital Marketing Consultant

Hey, I'm Tariq

if you would like me to come up with a specific content, do mail me at tariq@bloggersbloom.com

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