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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

There are many ways to earn with affiliate marketing. It can be profitable if you have a certain product category, a specific brand, or a specialized store. It can also be very lucrative if you develop a personal relationship with the brand. A survey in 2021 showed that affiliate marketing is the primary source of …

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An affiliate, in the digital marketing space, is one who promotes others’ products or services and earns a commission for it. How to Start Earning Through Affiliate Marketing To succeed as an affiliate, you must be willing to spend some time on the business. Nevertheless, when you partner with an experienced network, the program will …

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Advertising Network

Advertising Network

A good advertising network provides the reach, scalability, and a larger audience for publishers. Ad networks also offer better ad targeting. By working with an ad network, you can serve ads alongside certain content, target ads by location, or time of day, and use analytics data to improve your campaigns. These benefits have made ad …

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AdSense is a program from Google that lets publishers place advertisements on their websites and mobile devices. The program uses an automated auction system to allocate ad units to websites. If your website is approved for AdSense, you can earn money every month. However, if you’re not sure how to get started, read this article …

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Admin Area

What is an Admin Area?

If you’ve ever wondered what the admin area is, then read on. I’ll explain how to navigate the menu, screen, and panel that’s the heart of the WordPress dashboard. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro user, you’ll appreciate knowing what all of the icons and buttons mean. But before we get into that, let’s …

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What is Ad Space

What is Ad Space?

First of all, I’ll explain the importance of budgeting for your Advertising campaign. Then I’ll discuss Web banners, Header bidding, and Cost per thousand impressions (CPM). In this article, we’ll look at all of these concepts and how they relate to your Ad Space. By the time you’re done, you’ll have a better understanding of …

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What is Ad Blocking

What is Ad Blocking

If you’re wondering what is Ad Blocking, this article is for you. What is Ad Blocking? Ad Blocking is a type of software that removes or alters advertising content on web pages. Although the software can be useful in speeding up browsing, it also decreases revenue for publishers. Fortunately, there are a number of free …

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What is WordPress

What Is WordPress? A Complete Beginner’s Guide

Are you planning to build a website? Confused with the several platforms and options in the market? Wondering what is WordPress and if it could be a good fit? I get you. A search on Google for ‘website builders’ and you’ll be served with a range of platforms on which you can create a website. …

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Install WordPress Theme

How to Install WordPress Theme: 3 Easy to Follow Steps

Want to install WordPress theme? Is there more than one way to install a WordPress theme? There’s more to a WordPress theme than meets the eye. Not only does a theme make your website look good, it impacts the performance and thereby, the user experience of your site. With 9300+ free WordPress themes available and …

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Above the Fold

Above the Fold

Have you heard of the terms Above the Fold and Below the Fold? Above the fold is a concept that needs understanding more than anything else. More so, it’s essential when you are designing a website or planning your navigation to provide an enhanced user experience. What Is Above The Fold? Above the fold is …

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