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About Tariq, Digital Marketing Consultant, Blogger and Affiliate MarketerHey, my name is Tariq and I am a certified Digital Marketing Consultant. I’ve been helping entrepreneurs build an online business since 2004. Can I help scale your online business?

My Mission

Creating an online business gives you the freedom that very few businesses can.

I’m on a mission to help you build a successful online business, make money, and live life completely on your terms!

What I Do

My Life Journey


Born in the late 70s

I guess that’s why I still love the pop band ABBA.

Born in Cochin (Kerala), I was brought up in the Gulf (Kuwait, to be precise). I did all my schooling here and back to India for my higher studies.

The story of almost every other Keralite. Rather, Mallu! 😉

Oh yes, I did witness the gulf war!


Tryst with destiny

I landed in, what is now, my home for a good 30 years – Bangalore (or Bengaluru as it’s called now). 

This city has given me a LOT. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

But, like they say, there’s no place like home. At least for now!

I completed my higher education at Baldwin Methodist College.


An engineering graduate

Back then, with the limited IQ I possessed (not that it’s any better now), my options were either to become a Doctor or an Engineer.

Petrified with the thought of seeing blood, I suppose I had only one option left.

After slogging it (yeah right!) for 4 years, I graduated as a Mechanical Engineer in 1999 from BMSCE.


My first job - Hello Internet!

I started my professional journey as a website developer. It is here that I got introduced to the wonderful world of the Internet. 

Back then, websites were created from scratch using HTML and CSS. I still recall editing code in EditPlus and Dreamweaver

While I did experience the dot-com boom, as well as the dot-com bust, one thing was crystal clear.

The Internet was here to stay!


Entrepreneurial bug bites

Guess it was only a matter of time.

After working 4 years as a website developer, it was time to set out on my entrepreneurial journey.

I started freelancing and building websites for various local and international clients.

27th May 2003 also saw the launch of WordPress.

Slowly, WordPress started changing the way we developed websites.


Foray into real estate

A majority of my local clients were into real estate — both builders/developers and marketing agencies.

Lured by the industry and the commissions earned by selling high-ticket real estate, I jumped into the field as an estate agent. 

My online experience helped me create a real estate portal (Proptals) to promote and sell properties.

The going was good!


Added a feather to my cap

By now, I had set up a full-fledged real estate marketing agency. We started taking up more and more projects to promote.

In addition to taking up projects on an exclusive basis to sell, I started taking up digital marketing activities for real estate players.

This included running ads primarily on Google and slowly, on Facebook as well.

Owing to the growing clientele, I offered value add services such as property management, interiors, and construction as well.


The big leap

Fast forward to 2012, I made a decision to kick start my own real estate development. An ambitious project, that I was confident to succeed in. 

Little did I foresee the negative impact that this one decision was going to have on my life. 

I was passionate about building weekend homes in the countryside.

With no prior experience in developing a weekend home, I decided to dedicate my next 4 years to developing a weekend home project on a 100 Acre parcel of land.


Crashing down

And just like a pack of cards, it all came crashing down.

The project was too big for me to handle and I lost it all.

This one bad decision took a toll on my professional and personal life.

I was at the lowest point in my life.

I had to close down my office. I couldn’t manage the overheads.

All that was built over the years were gone, just like that.

I was broke beyond imagination. 🙁


Ascend begins

The next four years were tough. I had to reinvent myself.

The dream of making weekend homes was out. I didn’t want to go back that same path.

I started offering my real estate marketing services again. However, the markets weren’t doing great either. And the competition was high.

Not to mention, the pandemic hit all of us in March 2020. Markets closed, people stayed home, and businesses were at an all time low.

But like they say, there’s always a silver lining.

All this while, I had my digital marketing services running in stealth mode, with limited clients. I had to revive this BIG time.

I had to come out with my own version 2.0! 🙂

By early 2020, I started getting clients for my digital marketing services.

I also became a certified digital marketer. Additionally, I completed my certifications in Google, HubSpot, SEMRush, and more. 

I bought the domain, bloggersbloom.com on the 5th of April, 2020, and launched Bloggers Bloom on 15th April, 2020.

15th April also happens to be my mother’s birthday! 🙂



Bloggers Bloom was launched with the sole purpose of helping just about anyone succeed online.

To help build, scale, monetize and make a living out of an online business.

I launched free and paid courses, both on my platform as well as on Udemy.

I wrote a book on ‘How to Start an Online Business & Make Money‘.

I started writing articles on WordPress, digital marketing, SEO, affiliate marketing, email marketing, content creation, eCommerce, and more.

October 2020, I got the opportunity to write for my favorite WordPress theme – Astra, as a freelancer.

This was a whole new experience, something that I really enjoyed. Not only was I getting paid to write, but I was learning a lot more.

From WordPress to WooCommerce, I started diving deep into the world of website development using the number one content management system (CMS).

Jan 2021, I got the opportunity to work with Astra on a full-time basis.

But, this also meant that I had to stop my blog. I couldn’t have them both.

Is this what I really wanted?


Point of no return

My commitments were at an all-time high. Add to it, the ghosts of my past were still around. And most importantly, I felt a void.

I had to get back to what I genuinely love doing. I had to return to my blog and continue my journey, helping others build an online business.

I had to take a call. It’s either a full-time job with the number one non-default WordPress theme (and the stability that comes with it) or my blog.

I decided to build my blog while working full-time. I had to ensure my blog started earning as much as my full-time job, if not more.

After all, I did need an additional source of income if I was to clear my commitments.

I started building my blog. I got back to helping businesses of all sizes develop and scale a business online.

Through this blog, I aim to develop content and resources to help anyone build a successful online business.

I intend to come out with articles on the various nuances of building a website, generating traffic, building email lists, landing pages, lead magnets, and much more.

And if you want me to help you one-on-one, I’m more than glad to offer my consultation services.

Thank you!

Follow your passion

If you’ve reached here, I’m guessing something did resonate with you. Thank you for reading my story.

We all would like to attain those material gains in life. I am no different. That being said, if I can leave behind a legacy and make a difference by helping people live a life by following their passion, it will truly be a life well-lived.

Want to make money doing what you love? Want to make it a full-time online business? Let’s connect! 

Send me a message by using the contact form. Alternatively, you can message me on Instagram at @bloggersbloom.

Thank you and I hope to work together with you.

Best regards,

Tariq SP

Why Choose Me?

I work with individuals, startups, entrepreneurs, and organizations to handle their entire online presence.

As cliché as it may sound, that is the fact. You may have gathered by now that my mission is to help you succeed in your online business. When you win, I win! So, when we work together, I’ve got your best interest from day one.

It’s all about creating a lasting impression. Be it a beautiful website, social media channels, daily social media posts, and content you create, all these little things add up in the larger picture. So I can help you wow your audience.

There’s nothing better than a steady flow of traffic when you have an online business generating leads, all for free. But it’s not like you launch your website and get free traffic from the word go. There’s work to be done. A lot of work! That’s where SEO comes into play. That’s where I come!

If you thought building a friendly website is all you need to run a successful online business, think again. Integrating various elements into your website, such as email marketing, push notifications, opt-in forms, newsletters, and more, helps you achieve the best ROI. Yes, I’ll help you integrate all that’s needed to provide your website visitors the best user experience.

The first website I built was in 2000. Fast forward to now, and I’ve lost count of the number of sites I’ve created. From stand-alone websites to online stores, classified websites, online coaching, education, real estate, travel, automobile, so on and so forth. And it’s not just creating websites. It’s writing content, working on SEO, social media, email marketing, and the works.

In most cases, once we’ve launched the website, it’s time to say goodbye. However, while the choice is entirely yours, I’ll continue providing some free support (please note the word ‘some’). In fact, I work as a retainer with a few clients. In addition, I continue creating blog content, working on SEO, manage social media, and manage the website.

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